About Us

photo of Dawn owner of The Mindful Needle

My creative story begins when I was a child. Surrounded by crafty women my entire life, I grew up crafting. From knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving to macrame, woodworking, and jewelry making , I have done many different crafts over the years. 

As a teenager, I tried a few types of embroidery (crewel, chicken scratch, candlewicking). I didn’t care for any needlework that I tried. That is, until I was introduced to cross stitch while in college.

I took a craft class which required students to stitch a fingertip towel. Sure that I wouldn’t like cross stitch, I chose the smallest motif to stitch on my towel.

When finished, I discovered that I had enjoyed stitching that little towel. I enjoyed it so much that I stitched a second one. And thus my love of cross stitch began.

It has been an on again – off again affair as life gets in the way at times. But I always seem to come back.

I have been assisting another designer for the past several years and she has been a wonderful mentor. Under her guidance, I began to create my own designs.

I enjoy designing pieces that I would like to stitch and I hope that you will want to stitch them too!